Who is OneClimate For?

This initiative relies on a variety of diverse stakeholders who have unique contributions to offer and benefits to receive. Specifically, we aim to catalyze UC Davis experts (faculty and staff) and our entrepreneurial student population. By focusing on these key groups, we’ll be able to meet the needs of external partners in industry, government, NGOs and local to global communities. OneClimate is an inclusive initiative that draws strength from the variety of perspectives and voices who can provide insight on the opportunity to put climate research and solutions into action.

How Will We Support Projects and Research?

We’ve created a framework that enables a wide range of activities with minimal overhead and provides a variety of ways for participants to connect to the initiative, increase opportunities for collaboration and address urgent issues in parallel with longer term efforts. The following demonstrate some prospective projects in each of these areas.

  • High-risk Explorations: These projects allow for a wide range of exploration with minimal investment. They can infuse more traditional projects with the risky thinking that can often lead to breakthrough ideas. In addition, these projects, many of which will seem like long-shots, acknowledge the humility that will be necessary to handle the challenges we can’t yet predict.
  • Mid-range Projects: While many of the high-risk projects will become intellectual compost, we do expect a select few to show enough promise to warrant additional commitment from the initiative. These projects should still have enough breadth to offer exploration across a wide range of topics, but not nearly the range of ideas that we’d expect to see in the high-risk category.
  • High-confidence Endeavors: These projects are more mature in nature and have already demonstrated some outcomes that warrant more investment from the initiative. The initiative will support these projects so they will have the greatest impact. These projects will have a much more stringent vetting process.


How Can You Get Involved?

Let’s discuss.