Design principles are the DNA of any product, service or initiative. They guide development while being open to unforeseen influences. Design principles should be durable, consistent and authentic. While they can change over time, teams should not alter the principals without thoughtful consideration.

We’ve created a set of design principles for OneClimate to focus our work on achieving transformational and meaningful impact. We created these principles in conjunction with over 100 faculty, students and staff and serve as the building blocks of this important initiative.

They encode the spirit and values that have been stated as vital to all of our stakeholders. The design principles are to:

  • Engage in rigorous research: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of research and scholarship so that our solutions can have the greatest positive impact on our world.
  • Make real impacts: We are committed to finding solutions to climate change without outsourcing problems to future generations. Our approach must solve a problem, with clear opportunities to leverage solutions into scalable and repeatable networks that can help others outside of UC Davis. We will use story and theory, but we won’t stop there. Our work is grounded in a function and utility that will make lasting, sustainable change.
  • Take a holistic approach: Climate change is a systemic challenge so our projects take a systemic approach. We view it from multiple (perhaps even competing) viewpoints. Our projects don’t shy away from this conflict and complexity. We consider all angles of a given solution.
  • Work across boundaries: We work together. We develop cooperative partnerships that transcend classic models of problem solving from the past. Our projects utilize multi/inter-disciplinary approaches to move beyond the classic academic approach.
  • Create transformative, disruptive and non-linear change:  We will pursue groundbreaking, powerful solutions. Our work is informed and inspired by brave ideas and solutions bold enough to create a future with hope.
  • Educate the next generation of global innovators: We consider the next generation of global innovators to be at the heart of this initiative. Education is integrated into all our efforts so that future generations will be poised to further develop innovative solutions and ways of working together.