Social unrest and global ecological instability require that OneClimate creates ambitious, daunting and unexplored ways of forging sustainable futures. We must develop an uncommon approach to deal with this uncommon time. While these ideas may feel distant and aspirational, the path to get there is pragmatic and tangible. Our immediate work falls into five key categories and our efforts will be guided by our design principles:

  • Projects – We will contribute to and support the projects, research and actions that will make a tangible difference in the world.
  • Organization – We will develop the leadership structures and operations that will make OneClimate a sustainable, mutually-beneficial organization.
  • Place – We aim to develop a physical space, an “innovation ecosystem,” to support the range of OneClimate projects and collaborations.
  • Partnership – We will continue to foster internal and external partnerships ranging from academia to government, industry, and financial supporters.
  • Impact – We aim to transform society, create planetary sustainability and develop solutions to some of the 21st century’s most pressing challenges.